Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra May Support Car Crash Detection


Google pioneered car crash detection on smartphones, which first debuted on the Pixel 4. Back then, it was expected more Android manufacturers would adopt this feature but until now, there no other smartphone manufacturer successfully incorporated a similar life-saving tool on their handsets. Fortunately, Samsung could reverse the trend by developing its own car crash detection in its Galaxy smartphones. It is rumored this feature might be activated on the Galaxy S24 (review) in due time.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with a car crash detection sensor

According to developer Mishaal Rahman (via Android Police), he discovered several notable clues that point to an inactive car crash detection on the Galaxy S24. Firstly, the developer stumbled upon the Galaxy S24 Ultra (review) stowing a hidden sensor described as “Crash Detect Wakeup”, which is the same sensor discovered in last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 (review).

The sensor was described as a virtual or composite sensor, meaning it is not an actual separate hardware component. Rather, it’s a program that collectively leverages ‘real’ sensors in the device, such as an accelerometer, to detect and verify if a user is involved in a vehicular accident. There were also parameters in the screenshot that show how the virtual sensor should function.

Samsung Galay S24 Ultra
Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra features a hidden ‘virtual’ sensor called Car Crash Detect Wakeup. / © Android Police / Mishaal Rahman

It is also safe to assume a similar sensor is present in the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ models while it is not available in the Galaxy S23 as verified by Rahman. On such a note, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6, and Galaxy Z Flip 6 may also feature the same virtual sensor.

In another discovery by the same source, there is a hidden system app called “MoccaMobile” in the latest OneUI 6.1 operating system build of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Notably, the app is associated with the operation of the car crash detection feature along with some parameters that appear as conditions on how the sensor should function.

Apart from these findings, it looks like there is no other evidence to support the idea of Samsung working on car crash detection in its smartphones. With Apple already armed with the feature since the iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8, the South Koreans should most likely follow suit.

Speaking of watches, it would be logical for Samsung to also include the feature to its Galaxy Watch lineup considering Google’s Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 (review) come with car crash detection.

What are your thoughts about the car crash detection featured in mobile devices? Do you think it is a vital function that should be standardized in smartphones and wearables? We look forward to your answers in the comments.


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