Samsung may be working on a smaller Galaxy S Ultra as rumors of a cheaper Fold reignite


What you need to know

  • Rumors suggest Samsung is flirting with the possibility of an “enhanced performance” FE device, which could be a smaller Galaxy S Ultra to compete with the iPhone Pro.
  • The company is allegedly interested in creating a “Fold Lite” as two prototypes, one with a smaller cover display and one without, apparently exist.
  • Samsung has denied rumors of a more affordable “FE” foldable for 2024.
  • If Samsung does move forward with a “Fold Lite,” it may not be accompanied by a “Flip Lite” equivalent.

Rumors have surfaced regarding Samsung’s potential smartphone changes following its Galaxy S25 series.

Details from Naver suggest Samsung will “implement a new design code” after 2025, and it may consider adding an “enhanced performance” Galaxy FE device (via Tech_Reve on X). This “enhanced” FE Android phone is rumored to be a smaller Galaxy S Ultra as the Korean OEM looks to build competition against Apple’s iPhone Pro.


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