Samsung Galaxy Buds FE at 20% Off Are the Best Cheap In-Ears to Buy


Although the fresh Galaxy FE Buds are not the most capable noise-cancelling wireless earbuds from Samsung, they remain as popular as the pricier Galaxy Buds 2 Pro (review), thanks to their affordable price yet feature-rich package. Amazon is now running a sale on these in-ears, dropping them back to the second-best price of $79, which is a 20 percent reduction.

You can also pick the pair of earbuds either in the black or white colorway. Either option gets you a two-tone charging case with a white finish outside and a black inner section.

Why the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE are solid earbuds to buy despite their cheap price

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds FE (review) are just launched at the end of 2023. They feature a great balance of price-to-feature ratio, and now that they’re cheaper, the earphones become even more recommendable.

On the outside, the Galaxy Buds FE come with a compact and discreet form, which also results in a lightweight build that gives comfort for prolonged listening sessions. A nice touch to the buds themselves is the extended wing tip design, which gives an extra secure grip when you’re doing workouts that involve intense movements. Keep in mind that the wing tip is replaceable.

In addition, the Galaxy Buds FE are sweat-proof as well, albeit with a middling IPX2 certification, but enough to keep them dry. The buds also support touch-sensitive controls with distinguished tap and grip areas for more precise inputs.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE
Samsung Galaxy Buds FE don’t feature wireless charging, but there is a fast charging support. / © nextpit

Despite the budget pricing, the Galaxy Buds FE are no slouch in terms of sound and features. They also boast ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) that is “exceptional” in blocking outside noises and keeping calls clear according to our colleague. This is then complemented by transparency mode.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds FE are again touted for clean and crisp sound. The general audio profile leans to prominent bass and mids, but this can be easily adjusted through the equalizers in the intuitive mobile app.

And for their compact size, battery life is surprisingly more than modest that lasts up to 30 hours with the charging case. This is slightly reduced to 21 hours with ANC enabled. Regardless, that’s still impressive for its price point and size. Lastly, charging the Galaxy Buds FE is quite pleasing as they can be refilled in an hour and a half.

Do you prefer the design of the Galaxy Buds FE over the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro? What are your thoughts on these budget earbuds at the current rate? We’d like to hear your answers.


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