Samsung could bring this live-saving feature to the Galaxy S24 in a future update


For years, Google’s Pixel phones have come with a live-saving feature in the form of car crash detection. Apple also has a similar feature available on its iPhones and Apple Watches. Now it looks like Samsung could introduce a similar car crash feature to the Galaxy S24 Ultra in a future update.

A report from Android Police has uncovered a car crash detection sensor in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. What’s interesting is that this isn’t an actual standalone sensor. Android Police discovered that it is actually a composite sensor. It basically processes information from data gathered by other sensors to determine if a car crash has happened.

This sensor was also found in the Galaxy Z Fold 5, but was not present in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This suggests that the feature could currently be exclusive to both of these devices. We’re wondering that given it is a composite sensor, what’s stopping other Samsung phones from using it as well?

It is unclear how this feature will work on Samsung’s phones. If we had to take a guess, we would assume that it could end up being similar to Google and Apple’s implementation. We’re also not sure when Samsung will actually activate the feature. Given that it was discovered on the Fold 5 in 2023, Samsung has had plenty of time to enable it if they wanted to. Perhaps they’re still working on the kinks, so don’t hold your breath.


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