PITAKA unveils the world’s thinnest and lightest aramid fibre MagEZ Case 4 Range for Samsung Galaxy S24


Made from aramid fibre, also known as Kevlar, and including a MagSafe ring, the new cases are intricately woven for an incredibly tactile and grippy feel.

PITAKA, one of the leading Aramid Phone Case Brand, has announced the release of its latest innovation, the MagEZ Case 4 for Samsung Galaxy S24. Boasting a minimalist design and cutting-edge technology, this case sets a new standard for thinness and lightness in MagSafe-compatible phone cases. 

For those who prioritize a sleek and minimalistic design, the PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 caters to individuals who rarely drop their phones but still seek protection from scratches and wear. The case, which is thinner and lighter than most S24 MagSafe cases on the market, provides adequate safeguarding without compromising on style.

Innovative Material and Comfortable Grip

Crafted from the renowned bulletproof aramid fiber, also known as Kevlar, widely used in ballistic protection, the case not only exudes sophistication but is also five times lighter than steel. The Sunset and Moonrise Design, inspired by the serene beauty of twilight, adds a touch of elegance. The case is intricately woven using PITAKA’s exclusive Fusion Weaving technique, offering an incredibly tactile and grippy feel for users who prefer the comfort of a case while maintaining the sensation of holding a naked phone, safe in the knowledge that their phone is encased in cool and cutting-edge materials.

MagSafe Compatibility and Accessories.

PITAKA ensures that Samsung S24 users can also revel in the benefits of MagSafe technology. The MagEZ Case 4 features a MagSafe ring, enabling strong magnetic attachment and providing users with tremendous convenience. Additionally, users can explore PITAKA’s MagEZ accessories, such as the MagEZ Grip, MagEZ Card Sleeve, and MagEZ Slider 2, enhancing their overall experience.

Environmental Responsibility.

PITAKA takes a step towards sustainability with the MagEZ Case 4, featuring a recycled aramid fiber camera lip. This eco-friendly approach reduces the brand’s impact on the environment, aligning with PITAKA’s commitment to a sustainable future.

The PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 range for Samsung Galaxy S24 is available on Amazon UK for £69.99 and Amazon.com as well as the PITAKA website.


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