No surprises as Samsung once again takes the smartphone crown for Q3 2023


Apple and Samsung are two of the largest smartphone companies in the world, but it looks like Apple still has some ways to go in terms of catching up because once again, Samsung has taken the crown as the global smartphone leader for Q3 2023.

This is according to the latest figures from Canalys which revealed that for Q3 2023, Samsung commanded a whopping 20% of the market, which interestingly enough is actually a drop of 2% from Q3 2022, but regardless the company is still very much in the lead.

In second place is Apple who had a 17% market share which was also down from 18% the same period in the previous year. Other companies that made the list is Xiaomi at 14%, maintaining their share from the previous year and looks like they could be close to catching up with Apple.

Oppo is also on the list at 9%, and very interesting in fifth place is a company called TRANSSION. If you’ve never heard of them, we haven’t either, but they’re coming out of China strong at 9%, up from 6% the previous year and could potentially overtake Oppo in the near future, which is honestly impressive considering that their market is essentially just China, whereas the other brands are basically sold worldwide.

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