Meta is shifting from AR to VR, doubles down on Ray-Ban partnership


What you need to know

  • One report states that Meta is pulling back on AR glasses development, citing high R&D costs and no commercially viable product results.
  • One feature, Augments, has been canceled for AR glasses development and is shifting to Meta Quest headsets instead.
  • Meta is strengthening its partnership with Ray-Bans on the development of future smart glasses.

According to a report from The Information, Meta has “shelved” AR glasses development in favor of focusing on VR headsets for the foreseeable future. The company is said to be making the shift because of the high R&D costs associated with AR glasses development and the lack of a commercially viable product for several more years. The earliest estimates of a commercial AR glasses release are currently 2027.

The news broke just hours before Meta’s quarterly earnings call where the company is expected to discuss the future of AR and VR development. Late last year, Meta laid off employees in its internal silicon development team that would have been responsible for development. The company later announced that it would use MediaTek to power future Meta AR glasses, instead.


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