Marketing Analyst Job Description

Marketing Analyst Job Description: A Detailed Guide

As the name indicates, marketing analysts are responsible for the detailed studying of market conditions to evaluate the potential sales of products as well as services.

Their main goal is to help companies comprehend what products are in demand, who will buy the products and the price they want to pay.

Their main duties involve forecasting and monitoring sales trends, accumulating consumer and competitor data, creating reports for management and making the most of statistical software for data analysis.

While keeping in view the marketing insights that are in high demand, companies are now carefully analyzing and predicting consumer buying trends.

To perk up their sales, business owners need consumer data and also highly trained analysts who know how to obtain and explain that information for company managers.

Marketing Analyst Job Responsibilities:

  • Offers actionable overall market and consumer insights to address crucial strategic questions.
  • Analyzes both external and internal consumer data using database queries (SQL, Access) as well as spreadsheet (Excel) models, web analytics tools (Adobe / Omniture) and also statistical analysis tools as well as campaign management software tools.
  • Responsible for thorough tracking, reporting as well as analyzing the efficiency of marketing activities, ad-hoc analytic requests, and development/automation of regular reports.
  • Evaluates customers’ online behavior and offers insights and recommendations for more enhancements to the guest experience.
  • Carefully analyze A/B and Multivariate tests while communicating results and offer recommendations.
  • Creates PowerPoint presentations to provide market and consumer insights to other marketing and sales departments.
  • Advises other marketing functions such as e-commerce, online and offline advertising, brand, product development) as the knowledge owner for consumer and market data.

Marketing Analyst Skills:

  • Must be proficient in marketing research as well as statistical analysis
  • Must have excellent analytical skills with a high degree of business acumen
  • Should have strong organizational, communication as well as presentation skills
  • Possess proven ability in handling concurrent projects with clear attention to detail as well accuracy

Experience required for a Marketing Analyst

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in a quantitative discipline or graduate degree
  • Should have 2 years of work experience in marketing research as well as statistical or data analysis
  • Must have hands-on experience in advanced analytic and statistical methods related to multivariate and A/B testing, digital revenue attribution, customer segmentation, and also marketing effectiveness
  • Should have experience in building and successfully automating management level reporting
  • Should have professional experience in following analytical tools such as modeling and reporting in Excel/Access and SQL
  • Must have skilled proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Must have professional experience with Tableau or any relevant data visualization tools
  • Should have hands-on experience in statistical analysis (SAS or R)

Must possess skills such as Adobe Analytics (Omniture SiteCatalyst), Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, or more similar web analytics, web optimization, or any kind of data management platforms






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