It Looks Like More Users can Now Use Android’s eSim Transfer Tool


After Google’s announcement regarding the easy transfer of eSims between different Android phones, it looks like some users are now able to access the eSim transfer feature on their phones, based on a report from Mishaal Rahman over at Android Police. One caveat however is that support seems to differ between different carriers, although the function is able to work between different phone brands.

The feature was first spotted in action by users setting up their Pixel 8 devices, although users setting up their Galaxy S24 Ultra state that their nearby LG Android phone prompted the sim transfer process via QR code. The eSim transfer tool was first mentioned by Google a year ago, stating that partner carriers have started to provide support for the feature.

With all that being said, this should be good news for Android users looking to switch to a different device without a physical sim in the equation. It’s also worth noting that the tool includes a feature that lets users convert their physical sim card into an eSim, although this might not work across all carriers and devices.

Source: Android Police


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