How To Build A Successful Remote Team For Your Startup?


Remote work has become a popular trend worldwide and it has proven to be as effective as the conventional office-based work model (in some cases even better). Not only are employees more satisfied with remote working but it can also help businesses save a substantial amount of money, especially startups, which can benefit greatly from these savings. 

Although remote work is beneficial for businesses and startups, it comes with its fair share of challenges, with one of the biggest being building a successful remote team. Today, we have discussed a few ways by which you can build a successful remote team right after hiring members for your team.

Establish Trust Among Team Members

Trust is the basis of teamwork for any team, be it a remote team or an office-based team. Right from the moment you hire a remote team, you should take the right first steps to build trust among your team members. Team members will have to constantly rely on each other for one task or another and for this purpose, they need to have faith and trust in their team members.

When team members can rely on each other and know that the other person will show up as they expected, it will lead to much better teamwork and collaboration. You can take the help of an employee portal like Rahal to establish trust among your team members right away.

Provide Guidelines and Set Expectations

To successfully build a remote team, you need to set some ground rules, boundaries, expectations, and guidelines. As a startup owner, you have a lot of responsibility over your shoulders and you should ensure that you let each of your team members know what exactly you expect from them and provide guidelines regarding their job. An employee who knows what’s expected of him won’t waste much time asking for things, instead, he will try his best to deliver and meet the expectations. 

Some common expectations and guidelines that you should inform your team members about include work expected to be completed each week, how often they should report their work progress, which projects they are working on or have completed, and how you measure employee productivity. These are some of the basic expectations and guidelines that you should inform your employees about beforehand.

Establish Good Communication Channels

For the success of any team, not a remote startup team only, establishing good communication is very important. When you are working remotely, you don’t have the advantage of office settings to enhance communication among employees, due to which it can become difficult to resolve misunderstandings. But you can establish good communication channels for your remote teams so that they don’t encounter any problems.

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One of the biggest problems that most remote workers face is a lack of team communication, which leads to many misunderstandings. This can be resolved easily by establishing proper communication channels, using team management apps, and an employee-dedicated website like Sometimes, you don’t need anything special, just having the right platform where team members can directly reach out to each other is more than enough.

Provide Workplace Development Opportunities

While it is a very common point, it is important to discuss it here. Providing ongoing training and helping every member of your team develop and refine their skills will help your startup. Most young workers who work in startups strongly value career and workplace development opportunities. Workplace development is something that you can do to improve the skills of your team members and also make them more motivated to achieve their goals.

No matter the age, experience, or background, workplace development is something that the majority of employees highly value and it is something that you can provide without any problem.


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