How to Become a Professional Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How to Become a Professional Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is a cult favorite platform for many people. This is why so many people wonder how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant. If you’re one of them, this helpful guide will show you how.

A tempting aspect about becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant is that small business owners and bloggers are always hunting for this service to boost their presence on the platform. But how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant is the question people are confused about.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

To become a Pinterest virtual assistant, formal training is not necessary. However, polishing your skills will make you stand out.

Before searching for clients, make the right foundation for your career. This can be achieved by:

1.  Determine Your Income Goals

Decide the minimum earnings you want to make monthly. The income should fulfill your needs and go to savings too. It’s up to you to decide whether this will be your side hustle or a major replacement for your 9-5 job.

2.  What Types of Clients Do You Want?

Before getting started, it’s important to be picky about your niche, and the clients you want. For instance, fashion designers who want to elevate traffic to their personal collections.

3.  Make Your Own Website

Anyone can start a website without needing technical experience. This is excellent for displaying your packages and skills to the targeted audience. There are many tutorials for starting a website.

When you have decided about your income goals, the services you want to offer, and your ideal client, you can direct yourself on the correct track for success.

The Required Skills Needed to Become a Pinterest Manager

If you’re wondering how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant, the good news is that a background in graphic design is not needed in order to curate gorgeous pins to share on the platform. Not only this, no degree is required either.

Websites like PicMonkey and Canva are sufficient for learning how to create smashing pins.

Essential Tips for Creating Eye-catching Pins

Essential Tips to Create Pins

If you want to knowhow to become a Pinterest virtual assistant, the following tips will help you a lot.

  • What fonts are being utilized on the pins? Multiple or a single type of font?
  • Observe which pins are already ranking amazingly well on Pinterest.
  • What are the pin descriptions? See the keywords that are added to those pins in the descriptions.
  • What pictures are the high ranking pins using?
  • What colors are being utilized on the pins? Cool or warm colors?

Simply by paying attention to the above elements, you will be able to make attractive pins for your clients.

The Responsibilities of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Being a Pinterest virtual assistant, you can boost your client’s reach on the platform and solidify their presence. This is the most basic answer to How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant. Below is a brief breakdown of some responsibilities that you will be handling in this job:

Pinterest Dashboard

1.  Make Aesthetic Pins

Have you ever observed that specific pins on the platform steal your attention better than others? Whether it’s a title that urges you to read further or a stunning image – there is something unique about the pin that caught your attention.

This is what making a click-worthy pin all is about. A solid pin boasts the following characteristics:

  • An intriguing text that makes you automatically click on it and read more.
  • Or an extraordinary image that makes you involuntarily click.

All the pins on the platform lead to either a sales page or a website. Your job as a Pinterest VA is to drive traffic to your client’s online business by making eye-popping pins. Employ a free website, such as Canva to make your own pins. Afterward, upload the pins directly to the platform.

Even if your client only posts weekly on their website or blog, you can still make them gain considerable traffic and lead a great audience to their website.

In fact, one of the top methods to make your client’s business expand is by making numerous pins for each blog post. This means that you will have to make different pins for every new blog post. Afterward, you can share the pins directly on the client’s Pinterest account. This will boost their traffic like crazy.

2.  Write Pin Descriptions.

Are you aware that Pinterest is more of a search engine rather than a social media platform? As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you will write a pin description for each pin that you share on the client’s Pinterest account. This will allow other users present on the platform to know what your pins revolve around.

It is also advised to add suitable keywords in your pin descriptions. This will help the pins appear on the search results at Pinterest.

3.  Utilize a Tool to Schedule Pins.

A great feature about Pinterest is that there is no need to be on the platform all day pinning for your clients. Rather, you can employ a useful tool, like Tailwind, to schedule the client’s pins so that they will be shared automatically to Pinterest even if you are not online there.

This means that you only have to spend minimal hours per week, based on the number of clients you have gathered, to schedule pins via Tailwind.

This is called task batching, and it is a convenient method to save time. This is how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

The Types of Services That a Pinterest VA Can Deliver

Pinterest VA - Virtual Assistant
  • Writing pin descriptions that will help the client’s content rank high in the Pinterest search results, and keyword search as well.
  • Pinterest strategy consultation to allow your client make a worthy game plan.
  • Make a promoted pin campaign for the client to track the success.
  • Pinterest manager.
  • Pinterest marketing techniques for interested clients.
  • Designing Pinterest pins. PicMonkey and Canva are famous tools for making pin designs.
  • Pinterest account audits.
  • Making and launching a Pinterest Business Account.
  • Analyzing data with platform analytics.
  • Developing a scheduling tool, like Tailwind.

If you don’t want to analyze data at this time, no worries. Initiate by only offering the basic services. This will offer you a better experience while earning.







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