Google’s Smarter Pixel Watch 2 is Now $50 Cheaper in All Colors


While Google’s has so far only launched two Pixel Watch generations, its smartwatches are already considered as some of the best options out there. Now, Amazon has the latest Pixel Watch 2 discounted for $50 (14 percent), meaning you can buy it at $299 from $349. With this, it could be a perfect last-minute Valentine’s gift idea.

The deal applies both to the Wi-Fi and LTE variants of the Pixel Watch 2 (review) and either option gets the same reduction. Plus, you can pick it in any of the four colors, which include the classic black and the new blue finish dubbed as Blue Bay.

Why the Pixel Watch 2 is a phenomenal watch for any Android user

Like with Google’s original Pixel Watch, the Pixel Watch 2 is compatible with Android smartphones. You can utilize almost all the features regardless if you got a non-Google Android smartphone to pair with, maximizing the user’s experience. But if you got an iPhone, we got still you covered with our best Apple Watch models to buy. 

The Pixel Watch 2 particularly kept the same round form in a pebble-like glass of its predecessor, which is still one of the most standout looks. The changed to aluminum casing has resulted in the wearable becoming lighter, which is great if you plan to keep your watch strap even in sleep. On the other hand, its circular display is bright and very responsive.

You can forget about Quick Charging the Pixel Watch 2.
Google has improved the charging puck, but quick charging is still missing / © nextpit

Google gave the Pixel Watch 2 a faster and more capable processor, giving a performance boost. There is also a new set of sensors beneath the watch. This improves health and fitness tracking more accurate while adding a more expansive sleep and stress analysis. The watch retains all vital features as well, including fall detection.

Another reason to pick the Pixel Watch 2 is the enhanced battery life. Google rates the device to last 24 hours even with the always-on display switched. For versatility, you can charge it using the same charging puck with Fitbit’s smartwatches, although there is already a bundled one.

Do you like the round form of the Pixel Watch 2? Which color do you intend to choose? Perhaps let us know in the comments if you’d like to see more Pixel offers.


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