Google Pixel Fold 2’s Leaked Picture Shows a Wild Foldable Design


The past few weeks saw Google’s Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2 experience torrential leaks like the Niagara Falls. Just after the 2nd generation Pixel Fold was reported yesterday, a more exciting leak emerged, depicting an updated design to the foldable smartphone. If it were to materialize, Google could include some unique changes to the Pixel Fold 2.

As shown in the live shot of the alleged Pixel Fold 2 sent by an unnamed source to Android Authority, the foldable device featured a few notable design touches and tweaks in the aspect ratio. While only the back section was shown, we could still pinpoint some major differences.

But of course, keep in mind that there is no way to check the authenticity of this image, it might still end up an edited photo after. Regardless, it would still be intriguing to dissect this material, so let’s jump into it.

How the Google Pixel Fold 2’s design could be different

Based on the form, it is noticeable the handset is slightly narrower and taller compared to the original Pixel Fold (review). The apparently increased height can also be seen on the cover screen which now has fully rounded corners as opposed to the bull nose panel from before. Even so, the source confirmed a new aspect ratio for the Pixel Fold 2. It added the overall unfolded state of the foldable is comparable to a square.

Based on such details, it is safe to assume the Pixel Fold 2 will have a shape with both the cover and inner screen sizes resembling the recent OnePlus Open (review) rather than the old Pixel Fold.

Google Pixel Fold 2
Alleged Google’s Pixel Fold 2 prototype shows an overhauled back panel and a narrower form. / © Android Authority

Apart from the form factor, it described the Pixel Fold 2 to come with an aluminum build and a considerably thinner design than its predecessor. There also appears to be improvement in the internal display which relocated the inner selfie camera into a punch hole. However, the crease in the inner display is still prominent both visually and to the touch.

Redesigned camera on the Google Pixel Fold 2

Another major change that is easily distinguishable on the Pixel Fold 2 is the back panel which receives an entirely new camera island. The camera housing is reshaped to look like a square with rounded corner, having veered to the top left.

Furthermore, the camera cutouts will comprise two elliptical lenses. It also appears that each cutout houses two sensors that include an ultra-wide and an unknown module that may end up as a laser autofocus. As for the primary and periscope sensors, they happen to be located on the lower cutout. A microphone and LED flash are placed on the right side of the island.

As noted by the outlet, one should not rule out changes to the design as the device is still being tested. Likewise, this aligns with the rumor of the Pixel Fold 2 being delayed if Google decides to equip it with a custom Tensor G4 processor.

Regardless, we want to know what are your thoughts about this Pixel Fold 2 design. Share your answers with us in the comments.


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