Google now admits it tracks you in Chrome’s incognito mode following $5B settlement


What you need to know

  • Google settled a class-action lawsuit for $5 billion that alleged it misled users into thinking the company would not track them in incognito mode.
  • Its original disclaimer said that Chrome would not save their browsing data, but websites, ISPs, and others could still see it.
  • A new disclaimer clarifies that while Chrome (the browser) isn’t tracking your data in incognito mode, Google (the website and company) still can.

All modern browsers have private browsing modes available, and the one in Google Chrome is called incognito mode. While the company has long made it clear that websites, school or business administrators, and ISPs can still see your browsing activity in incognito mode, Google said that Chrome does not save this data. 

As it turns out, the idea that Chrome does not track you while in incognito mode is nothing more than a master-level technicality. Chrome, the browser, does not save your history when browsing in incognito mode. Google — the search engine, advertising giant, and trillion-dollar company — will still track your browsing activity per usual, even when in incognito mode. 


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