Google Messages rumored to add Dual Sim support


The latest beta version of Google Messages, identified as 20240102_00_RC01, has given us hints about a potential upcoming feature – the support for Rich Communication Services (RCS) on dual or multi-SIM cards. Traditionally, Google Messages limited RCS activation to just one phone number. However, the recent discovery indicates that Google is actively working on extending RCS functionality to a second number. This is important for the widespread adoption of RCS.

A promising start

Users with dual SIM phones are already observing multiple numbers appearing in the RCS chat settings. Most noticeably, these settings have undergone visual tweaks. There are changes to the UI like checkboxes next to each number instead of a SIM card icon. This change suggests that Google is preparing to accommodate multiple SIMs for RCS activation.  This allows users to manage their preferences for each SIM.

Source: 9to5Google and Reddit user aniruddhdodiya

The uncovered code strings within the APK (Android Package) of the beta version make references to multi-SIM RCS support. Specific lines of code include information about sending and receiving RCS chats on a particular SIM when the number is verified. The presence of these code strings indicates that Google is progressing towards enabling RCS on multiple SIM cards.

Source: 9to5Google

We will still have to wait though. The server-side infrastructure for dual/ multi-SIM RCS support has not been activated by Google. Anyone attempting to set up RCS for their second number won’t right now will be met with errors. This is because the server-side settings for this simply aren’t enabled yet.

That has not stopped the internet though. Enthusiasts have managed to unlock this feature. If you have a look around you’ll find guides available. For those who prefer an official rollout, I doubt you will need to wait long.


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