Galaxy Fit 3 packaging leak spills its potential pricing in the U.S.


What you need to know

  • An image of the Galaxy Fit 3’s packaging leaked, showcasing its two colorway options: black and white.
  • The leak also contained a rumored price that could land the Galaxy Fit 3 at around $99.
  • An instruction manual was also supposedly discovered, doubling down on the Galaxy Fit 3’s 1.6-inch display, physical home/power button, and available sensors.

We could be creeping on the launch of the Galaxy Fit 3 as images of its product box and pricing surface.

The discovery of the Galaxy Fit 3’s box and pricing were initially brought to light by a user on Reddit, highlighted by Gizmochina. The device is shown in its two black and white colorways, but the discovery, which stemmed from an Instagram post, purported a 250,000 Tanzanian Shillings price.

This is estimated at around $99, but Samsung could always play with the numbers.

A leaked image of the packaging for Samsung's Galaxy Fit 3 in black and white colorways.

(Image credit: Reddit)

Supposedly, SamMobile got its hands on the official instruction manual for the upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 (via TechRadar). The alleged manual seemingly confirms the existence of a 1.6-inch display, which makes the Fit 3 look more like a smartwatch than the fitness tracker design of the Galaxy Fit 2. Diagrams detail the presence of a physical home and power button on the right side of the device, right above an Atmospheric pressure sensor.


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