Forget foldables, Samsung sets it sights on rollable smartphones


Samsung has made a name for themselves over the past few years by going pretty aggressive with the launch of foldable phones. The foldable form factor isn’t for everyone, so could Samsung potentially pivot and add a new concept to its lineup in a phone with a rollable display? According to a recently discovered patent, that could be the case.

A recently discovered patent has revealed Samsung is playing around with the idea of creating a phone with a rollable display. This patent was discovered by the folks at who collaborated with David from @xleaks7 to create renders of what the handset could look like.

Image X @xleaks7

The images suggest that it resembles the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in shape, being square, but it has the ability to extend the display by rolling it out. It’s an interesting approach, although admittedly we’re not sure how feasible it is. This is because the extended display seems to be just hanging there which looks like it could be prone to damage.

What we can appreciate is the square form factor. It is one of the reasons why we like the Flip 5 because it keeps things small and compact when necessary. If this concept seems familiar, it is because in 2023, Motorola unveiled a similar concept in the form of the RIZR. The handset didn’t make it to production, but it gave us a glimpse of the possibilities.

LG had intended to challenge the status quo with its own rollable display smartphones, but the company ultimately exited the smartphone market before achieving that goal.


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