Finance Expert Drops Grim Prediction For US Economy, Says Bitcoin Is The ‘Parachute’


The United States economy and where it might be headed has been a hot topic of debate among finance experts, with some recommending Bitcoin as a safe haven. One of those who has continued to tout BTC as the answer is renowned finance author Robert Kiyosaki, who has made a gloomy prediction for the US economy.

The Economy Is Coming Down

In a post made on X (formerly Twitter), Robert Kiyosaki, who is widely known for his best-selling finance book titled ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, warned investors of an impending crash. According to Kiyosaki, a lot of investors would end up losing their money as they do not know what to do with it.

He compared the current situation to flight students in the US Navy being taught how to fly and also how to crash. However, it seems that there is no easy option for investors going forward, as he calls for a “bail out.”

The finance expert warns that banks as well as the US economy will crash, and “We are not going in for a soft landing.” In light of this, he steers investors toward other forms of wealth preservation, which are Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.

As much as the finance author expects that the crash will be brutal, he believes that by being in the three assets mentioned above, then investors can have “parachutes for your personal soft landing.”

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Strong Advocate For Bitcoin

Kiyosaki is not new to pushing Bitcoin as an alternative to traditional cash and investment vehicles. Over the last year, the finance expert has warned that the US economy is headed for doom and as always, pushes the likes of Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin as an answer to the ‘inevitable crash.’

The author has also provided incredibly bullish predictions for the BTC price going forward, which he expects to rise more than 300% from here. According to Kiyosaki, Bitcoin will rise as high as $150,000 post-Spot Bitcoin ETFs approval, and with the price inching toward $50,000 already, it seems Kiyosaki’s prediction may end up playing out.

Kiyosaki has also presented Bitcoin as a safe haven at a time when there is widespread political discontent. He has also publicly declared his dislike for the current President, Joe Biden, who he believes is weak and a terrible president.

In order to fight back, the finance author suggests that investors move their assets into Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin which cannot easily be controlled by the government. He also believes BTC is the “best protection” against hyperinflation, which he expects to happen soon.

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