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What role will insurance play in the future? How can insurers work with customers and parallel industries to create tangible value and make a positive impact on our planet? These are some of the questions answered in the Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Trends Report, which is out now.  I believe that this year’s trends show how insurers and their partners are reinventing themselves to support the evolving needs of their customers, intermediaries and employees.

The report gathers rich and diverse data from the hundreds of submissions received by the Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards, an annual awards program that celebrates the wide range of innovations shaping the future of the industry, from smart, collaborative ecosystems to compelling uses of AI and more. From vaccination incentive programs to remote claims assessment solutions and AI-enabled health checks, this year’s awards showed clear trends in insurance innovation and illustrated how innovation continues to mature post-pandemic. There is no doubt that the principle of providing relevant insurance products and services to customers has evolved into something much wider, more integrative and more human. It is an exciting, positive time to be in the insurance industry.

The recently-released 2022 report tells a compelling story of innovation in the industry, supported by a wide range of practical examples. Download the report to not only see how innovation in insurance is being manifested in different markets, but to hear insurers tell their innovation story and motivation in their own words.

These are the key trends that are discussed in depth in the report.  

  • Trend 1: Authentic omnichannel
    Engaging customer experience, anywhere and everywhere 
  • Trend 2: Embedded ecosystems
    Complementary ecosystems for deeper value  
  • Trend 3: Health and wellbeing convergence
    Making customers’ lives better and proactively reducing risk  
  • Trend 4: Sustainable insurance
    Positively contributing to communities and the planet 
  • Trend 5: AI and Tech differentiation
    Intelligent technology that sets insurers apart  
  • Trend 6: Workforce rearchitected
    The people powering the reimagined insurance landscape  

It is exciting to see how these trends are influencing behaviors and contributing to safer, greener and more inclusive industry practices, enabling insurers’ positive impact on society.

The Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards constitute a meaningful opportunity to share your company’s excellence in insurance innovation. Enter the 2023 awards.

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