EU says Apple’s iMessage won’t have to abide by its DMA rules


What you need to know

  • The European Commissions concluded its investigation into Apple’s iMessage, stating it will not fall within a “core platform service” under the Digital Markets Act.
  • It was previously rumored that the EU would go this route, with a source stating it wasn’t clear how large of an impact iMessage had on EU consumers in the business market.
  • Despite the ruling, Apple announced in November 2023 that it will bring RCS support to iMessage but the bubbles will stay green.

Following an investigation conducted by the European Commission, Apple’s iMessage will not be given “core platform service” status within the Digital Markets Act (DMA) (via The Verge). Alongside Apple, the EU states that Microsoft, Bing, and Microsoft Advertising will not be placed under its new healthier competition umbrella.

The EU states this marks the conclusion of its investigation, which started on September 5, 2023. Apple and Microsoft were said to have put forth a “rebuttal” about the services the DMA had on its radar, stating they “should not” qualify for gateway status.


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