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[ad_1] is an educational website and portal to Ethereum – for many people, it is their first contact with Ethereum, the place where they find their first wallet or dapp to use, and their go-to resource to start learning or level up their knowledge.

To best serve this purpose, we have been running the Translation program since July 2019, intending to make the content on the site available to everyone, including over 6 billion non-English speakers.

By providing educational content about Ethereum and essential onboarding pages in as many languages as possible, we are making learning about Ethereum and becoming an Ethereum user or developer as easy as possible for everyone, regardless of the languages they speak.

The result of this effort has been a steady increase in non-English pageviews as we add more translated content to the site, with visits to in languages other than English currently representing over one-quarter of all traffic to the site.

Non-English vs. English pageviews on the site over time

The website is open-source, and anyone can contribute to the code, content, features, design, translations, or any other aspect of the site. Learn about different ways to contribute on our contributing pages.

The Translatathon

To raise awareness about the importance of localizing content across the space, onboarding new contributors to the program, incentivizing translations in our less active languages, and giving back to our community of contributors, we ran the first Translatathon in August this year. Here’s how it went.

What is a Translatathon?

A Translatathon is a translation competition, similar to a hackathon.

Participating in a Translatathon requires no coding skills or a technical background. Everyone who is bilingual and has some basic knowledge about Ethereum can participate.

It is also an event that allows participants to learn about Ethereum by translating the website content whilst helping us make this content more accessible and competing for prizes at the same time!

Here is a brief overview of how the Translatathon was organized:

  • 2-week application period

    • Participants applying and forming teams

  • 1-week translation period

    • Participants translating content in the project in Crowdin
    • Competing against each other in two categories: Teams and Individuals
    • Machine translation was forbidden!

  • 1-week evaluation and QA period

    • All participants were evaluated and given a score for their translations
    • Winners were determined based on their total number of translated words multiplied by their multiplier score

If you’re interested in learning more, full details are available on the Translatathon page.

How did it go?

In total, the Translatathon received 621 applications, and during the translation period, 217 participants translated into 56 different languages.

The total amount of translated content during the competition was 1.47 million words, making August by far the most productive month for the Translation program yet (previous best: 497k words).

The amount of content translated during the 1-week translation period is equivalent to ~50% of all content translated in the program through all of 2022.

Translation activity during the past 12 months

Looking at the goals we wanted to achieve with the Translatathon:

Raise awareness about the importance of localizing content – this is impossible to measure and a never-ending process, but we have heard from individuals, interested in participating in similar initiatives, and some projects, looking to start or improve their localization processes

Onboard new contributors to the program – throughout the month, a total of 486 new members joined the project in Crowdin, with many participants and prize winners being new contributors

Incentivizing translations into less active languages – participants translated into 56 different languages, including 7 new languages the website is not available in yet. There were a total of 27 languages with over 10k translated words, which will allow us to add a lot of newly translated content to the site in the coming weeks

Giving back to our contributors – more than 70% of all Translatathon participants (155 out of 217) were eligible for some sort of prize, with a total prize pool of 30,000$ + other prizes


The general distribution of active languages was very diverse, with a total of 56 languages and 31 languages with 2 or more participants.

Based on activity and number of participants, some languages stood out:

  • Turkish: 20 translators, 167k translated words*
  • Indonesian: 8 translators, 196k translated words
  • Spanish: 15 translators, 116k translated words

*With this effort, 100% of the website content is translated into Turkish, just in time for Devconnect Istanbul 👀

Other most active languages included Polish (63k translated words), German (59k translated words), Russian (58k translated words), Chinese Traditional (15 translators), and Persian (13 translators).


The winners across the Individuals and Teams categories were:


  • 1st place: MGETH (Spanish)
  • 2nd place: Satglow (Hungarian)
  • 3rd place: wosek_ (Polish)


  • 1st place: sinasi (Turkish)
  • 2nd place: Translation Volunteers (Turkish)
  • 3rd place: TME (Persian)

In addition to the top participants, we also gave out honorable mention prizes to 30 individuals and 10 teams, prizes for the top translator in each language, and participatory prizes for all participants who didn’t win any of the other prizes and translated over 100 words.

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for participating!

What’s next?

While the Translatathon is over, the translation community is always working on translating the website content and improving accessibility on the site for non-English speakers, and anyone can join.

You can learn more about the Translation program and get involved here.

If you’ve missed out on the Translatathon, we will be running similar community engagement initiatives in the near future, so stay tuned!

The best way to stay up-to-date with or become a contributor is to join our community on Discord. Come join us and help us continue to improve

Congratulations to all the Translatathon prize winners:

0xAntonio • 0xberil • 0xkal • 0xmike7 • 0xokan • 0xOZ • 0xsahbaz • 0xselimc • 1Arc • afiqz • Afoma • alamalu • altinocoelho • anaphant • arifulone • Astronaut828 • Bdwms • bhangbuddy • bicebaris • bitblondy • BlockchainVisionary • blockson • Bohjypellar • boluwatife_4523 • Carla78 • cc03668 • charlaiz • chiogonzaleztn • cinaryasemin • CoinHoodie • coiniran • cryptoraketeros • Cryptotranslator34 • ct1aic.eth • cychung • daniel.zarzecki047 • danimeister • dawyer • DefiWithJerry • dovbyshbgd • EffectChen • erfanej • fabiannycnd • Faedonn • Fengfeng0157 • fernandostds9 • Fuliggine • globart • Gokulvinayak • gonzagramaglia • Hackedd.eth • hamkad28 • hangleang • hedwika • horvathbenedek92 • hyperalchemy • hypolithe • ikpongetimfon • inlak16 • insidetrader • iremkoci • isaachavertz • isinasli • itsdeeters • Itungbenga • jasminesprout • jaux • JayYu • johannt • Jokowdd • kenforever • khalilhammod19 • KyungwonPark • leogold01 • less_explorer • lilyfish • lukakovacica • luniacllama • _Manax • Mcreimer • MGETH • ming30650 • minhkek • mireiacanaleta • Miromiro • mk1023 • MK10 • motunbeg • MrbaTab • msliwinski123 • Muneeb938 • norhorn • ntiunn • nugen0x • omahs • omkarkamale001 • omsify • Ozje • patthpapong • plamarque • rafarocha • RahayuRafika_12 • regislanderge • rooibos • RubenSilva • ryoji.imai • Sagitario • sakeenah • Sardor_Abdulla • Satglow • selcuk45 • seunbayo • sh0xsh • sipbikardi • smrtdeal • socopower • sophiesworld. • Soplayerone • SRISAILAPU_AKSHAYA • TanjaPale • tarcanhursit • tareqgh • taxir.abjadao • Temmytee • ten5235 • thebuzagi • thenfh2023 • timtey • TommyWolf • u2fsdgvkx19emy6whu3nhg0aboze • utomo878 • vnnv • w1lkns • waseemnaik • washbin • wholesomebruh • wosekwww.shota • xaviershen1 • Xeift • yulkor • zeydrm • zharjac


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