Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat Without App Appearance

How to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat without App Appearance

The procedure for enabling the dark mode on the app differs based on your mobile phone and operating system. Through dark mode, we can utilize the apps and phone without straining our eyes.

The dark mode does other things as well, such as decreasing the strain on the battery and viewing the screen easily. But worry not, there is a simple fix to switch from normal to dark mode without experiencing the app appearance Snapchat. This article will explain what dark mode is, how it applies on Snapchat, and which other apps have this feature.

What is dark mode?

Dark mode

Dark mode makes the app totally black to make app usage easier. This feature reached its peak in 2019 when almost all software makers were concentrating on introducing the dark mode on their apps. But if there is one rebellious app that did not follow the industry standards, it is Snapchat. This is a popular photo-centric texting platform that tons of users use to maintain Snap Streaks with their contacts. Snapchat ultimately introduced its dark mode on iOS, with Android support intended to appear later.

Today, we will uncover the steps to activate dark mode on Snapchat. To have this feature, follow the below instructions:

  • Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations – Turn “Night”.
  • Afterward, you can simply swipe up from the bottom of any Snapchat picture for the choices menu, alter the settings to dark mode, and then click on Save Changes.

If your app is already in dark mode, but you want to shift back to the normal mode, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations – Turn Night off. Finally, press the Save Changes button.

Unveiling the Dark Mode on Snapchat

Although the Snapchat app on iPhone comes with a native option to allow or stop the dark mode, the setting lacks from the Android app. Therefore, many Android users have been wondering how to achieve dark mode on Snapchat in their mobile. If you are one of these people, you have arrived at the right place.

Among the latest Snapchat updates is the addition of dark mode. This feature makes the app completely black so that your eyes can rest. In order to turn off the dark mode on Snapchat, go to the settings menu -> general -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Turn Night off and click on Save Changes.

Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat without App Appearance On iPhone

  1. First, click on the Bitmoji icon located at the top left corner. Doing so will lead you to your Snapchat profile.
  2. From your Snapchat profile page, tap on the Settings gear icon situated at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Underneath the My Account settings, click on the App Appearance to see the option of changing the theme of the app.
  4. In the App Appearance section, select “Always Dark” to allow the dark mode on Snapchat on your iPhone.

Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat Without App Appearance On OnePlus, Vivo, or Oppo Models

The experimental per-app forced dark mode of FuntouchOS/ColorOS to allow dark mode on Snapchat for selected Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus models. For OnePlus mobile, remember that you will need to be an OxygenOS build based on ColorUS.

  1. Go to the Settings menu and click on Display & Brightness. Then, tap on the Dark Mode Settings to edit the dark theme settings in your device.
  2. Click on the “Dark Mode for third-party apps” and you will be able to view a list of apps compatible with the forced dark theme.
  3. Find Snapchat in that list of supported apps and allow the toggle. After the confirmation prompt is visible, select Turn On to allow dark mode on Snapchat.
  4. Lastly, open your Snapchat to enjoy the new theme.

This implementation looks way better than the system wide forced dark mode allowed through Developer Options.

Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat without App Appearance On Any Android Mobile Phone

Android Phone

As of now, the app does not include an official dark theme on Android yet. We will update this section whenever the app announces the dark mode for the Android users. However, the nearest option Android users possess right now is activating the Forced System Wide Dark Mode option from the Developer Options.

Even if this option is not ideal, it is still better than staring at the present eye-blinding light mode on Android. Therefore, if you are interested in allowing dark mode on Snapchat for Android, below are the instructions:

  1. Open the Settings menu and click on About Phone. Scroll down until you stumble upon the Build Number and click on it 7 times. This is how you can allow developer mode on your Android phone.
  2. Go back to the Settings menu and navigate to System -> Developer Options to view developer options.
  3. From here, allow the Override force dark toggle. This is how you can successfully allow forced dark mode on your Android phone. Moving forward, you will see that Android will invert colors on apps that, similar to Snapchat, do not have native dark mode support.
  4. Tap on the APKMirror link and click the Download APK button to download the Snapchat version on your mobile. You might not be able to use the latest features If you adopt this method, but this is a compromise you will need to make to achieve the dark theme on Snapchat instantly.
  5. The forced dark mode toggle allows you to manually allow the dark mode on Snapchat for Android devices. The text will be readable without any comprehension issues.

Note: Sadly, the latest versions of Snapchat do not react to the forced dark theme, and the app remains in the light mode. So, you will need to download and install the older version of Snapchat from APKMirror.

So, this is the only solution that can offer you the dark theme on Snapchat on your Android phone immediately.

Smart Color/Invert Inversion

Color or Smart Inversion is an accessibility feature available on Android and iPhone mobiles. When this feature is allowed, it automatically inverts the color avoiding the elements that are previously in dark mode. Smart or Color Inversion is perfect for people having disabilities and those who can’t see properly. It can be employed to invert the colors of all apps.

The reason why you should use this feature is because a few apps are brighter, and due to this, the default dark mode does not work as we wish it would.






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