Does the Galaxy S24 support Qi2 charging?


Does the Galaxy S24 support Qi2?

Best answer: No, the Galaxy S24 series phones do not support Qi2 charging. However, you can technically still recharge them wirelessly with a new Qi2-compatible wireless charger since these are backwards-compatible with Qi wireless charging-enabled devices. But Galaxy S24 phones will charge at the slower Qi speed.

What is Qi2 charging?

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Qi2 charging, pronounced “chee two,” is the latest version of Qi charging launched by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) in late 2023. It was developed in conjunction with Apple, using the same Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) system that Apple’s MagSafe charging in the latest iPhones offers.

These chargers have a ring of magnets inside that allow you to precisely position a device so it’s perfectly aligned with the charger. This ensures a faster, more efficient wireless charging experience at up to 15 watts. That’s compared to traditional Qi charging, which is just 5 watts.


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