Does Instagram delete inactive accounts

Does Instagram delete inactive accounts?

Instagram is widely popular among the masses around the world. It is one of the top social media apps and competes with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.
It serves as a platform for everyone to share their pictures or life updates in the form of short stories. Moreover, you can also expand your business by creating a professional Instagram account.
Because of these features, its new users are increasing day by day. This compelled the Instagram management to delete the inactive accounts to make the app more user-friendly and up-to-date.

Does Instagram delete inactive accounts?

Yes, Instagram deletes accounts that have been inactive for some time. There is no precise period specifically decided by Instagram, but after analyzing some inactive accounts, we found that it varies from some months to two years.

According to Instagram’s terms of policies, if they do not notice any activity on an Instagram account for a while, the account will be deleted automatically.
Many factors contribute to the inactivation of any account. These factors include the account’s creation date, its engaging rate, if he is uploading pictures and stories regularly, liking or commenting on other posts, texting his friends and watching the Instagram reels, the celebrities and people he follows, his followers, and when was the last time he logged in.
If you have not used your personal or business Instagram account for a while, you might face this issue soon.
It is important to remember that inactivity is not the only reason for your account termination. Instagram has clearly stated its policies and privacy rules that you must follow to protect the account from deactivation. We recommend you first analyze the reason for your account’s ban and then devise a strategy to get it back.
We have written this article to enlighten you about the account termination policies and help you with a possible solution to reactivate or restore your Instagram account.

How to find out if my account is active or not?

How to find out if my account is active or not

It has a simple answer. If you are not logging in to your account and have not performed any activity for some time, Instagram AI will identify it as an inactive account.

Account activity does not mean you have to post pictures and stories regularly. If you log in and like or comment on others’ posts, Instagram will categorize your profile as an active account.

How to make your Instagram account more active?

How to make your Instagram account more active

Account deletion due to inactivity may not be a problem if you post pictures and regularly interact with other Instagram accounts.

The best way is to log in after some time and like or comment on others’ posts. And yes, you do not have to update pictures or anything to manifest yourself as an active user.

But suppose you do not get involved in any activity or update pictures and stories regularly and still want to protect your Instagram account from getting deleted. In that case, you have to engage in some activity.

If you use a professional Instagram account for business purposes, you should engage more with your audience through regular posts and stories. 

This will not only help you save your account from being deleted but also help you expand your business by reaching more customers because the Instagram algorithm favors accounts that post more and use relatable hashtags.

Your issue will be sorted if you come once a month and interact for a few minutes. Instagram AI will detect you as an active user, and you will never face the issue of account deletion again unless you violet any other Instagram policy.

Does Instagram delete the account permanently?

Whether Instagram deletes your account because of inactivity or any kind of violation, you cannot get it back easily. You cannot do anything about it but appeal to Instagram for reactivation.

The appeal does not guarantee account restoration, but it is the only available option to get your deleted account back. There are fewer chances, but you can give it a try.

Can you recover the deleted Instagram account?

Can you recover the deleted Instagram account

The following are the necessary steps you need to follow while filing an Instagram account restoration complaint.

  • Fill out the appeal form
  • Enter your full name, Instagram username, email address, and contact number
  • Then write a detailed explanation and let the Instagram team know about your point of view
  • Fill in all the details and select the send option
  • The Instagram team will review your appeal and respond in 10 to 30 days
  • Keep your patience, and do not send multiple requests
  • If you did not get a response or your Instagram account, unfortunately, it is permanently deleted, and you have to make a new one

If your account is temporarily disabled instead of permanently banned, you might consider restoring it with the Instagram app.

There are more chances that you will get your temporarily disabled account back with this method as it is not permanently deleted. However, you have to follow these necessary steps.

  • Open the Instagram app on your Android or IOS phone.
  • Enter your account information and log into the account.
  • Instead of logging in, a pop-up would appear on the screen.
  • “Your account is disabled” would be written on it.
  • Just below it, select the “Learn more” option.
  • Now follow all the instructions, and you will land on the appeal page.
  • Submit your Instagram account restoration request.

Now, wait a few days to hear from Instagram. It may take some time, but Instagram will review your account and let you know about the decision.

While submitting an appeal, logically present your point of view. Be polite and do not use unethical language. Showing any anger or hatred can make your problem worse instead. 

Does Instagram warn before deleting an inactive account?

Does Instagram warn before deleting an inactive account

Yes, Instagram does warn before deleting any account. This was not the case before; Instagram released a new update and initiated this development.

In a new update, the Facebook-owned company states that it notifies users if their accounts are on the verge of deactivation along with the available option to appeal against them. There could be any reason for the warning, including inactivation or policy violation.

Instagram is also looking forward to making submitting appeals smoother and easier by enabling the option of submitting requests directly within the app instead of through the help center.

Can we make another account with an inactive account username?

You cannot claim the username of an inactive account unless it is deleted permanently.

But if you have just made an account for yourself or your brand with a perfectly desirable name and found out that it is already taken.

In this case, first, analyze the Instagram account with that username. If you get to know that the Instagram account has been empty for a long time, you can report that account as being inactive.

Instagram will thoroughly review and judge the account, and if they find your report legit, they will delete that account.

Now you will be able to make a new account with this username.

What are the other reasons for deactivation?

What are the other reasons for deactivation

Instagram has very strict policies; violating any of them will directly lead to a permanent ban. Inactivity could be a reason for account termination, but it is not major. Other reasons mainly get your account suspended.

Let’s discuss the main ones.


It is a major issue in the digital world. Harassment is defined as any activity, including death threats or unsolicited content that could make the receiver uncomfortable.

Any activity can get your account banned from this social media platform.

Explicit content:

Posting and sharing unethical or adult content is probably one of the major reasons for account suspension lately on Instagram. Instagram does not endure explicit content and bans the account straight away.


Instagram respects freedom of speech but does not allow users to cross certain boundaries. Instagram has strict laws against it, and even a targeted person can pursue legal action against you.

Underage users:

You cannot make and use an Instagram account under 13. Because of potentially harmful content that can cause harm to children, Instagram supervises its users to filter out minors.

Not only this, but any hacking, spamming, and other activities that contradict Instagram user policies can lead to the deactivation of your account.






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