Documentary “Don’t Trust…Verify” premiered at Adopting Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador, followed by endorsement of Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto


Documentary “Don’t Trust…Verify” premiered at Adopting Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador, followed by endorsement of Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, November , 2023 – In a powerful affirmation of their dedication to financial inclusion and the principles of free speech, a prominent lineup of Bitcoin leaders officially endorsed the Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto during the annual Adopting Bitcoin conference in San Salvador. Co-authored by Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex, the manifesto is a declaration of Bitfinex’ commitment to support technologies and policies that foster greater financial inclusion and promote the use of peer-to-peer and decentralised applications.

Signatories to the manifesto included  Josue Lopez, CEO of Volcano Energy; Gerson Martinez, Board Chief Strategy Officer of Volcano Energy; Roman Martinez, Co-founder of Bitcoin Beach; and Mike Peterson, Co-founder of Bitcoin Beach, who joined Paolo Ardoino in expressing their commitment to advancing financial freedom through blockchain and Bitcoin adoption.

The Freedom Manifesto, launched in 2022, addresses the systemic flaws of traditional banking and centralised platforms, advocating for open, peer-to-peer communication solutions, support for technologies like the Lightning Network, and investment in the Bitcoin community.

During the Adopting Bitcoin conference, Bitfinex celebrated the first anniversary of the manifesto by hosting the exclusive premiere of its documentary, “Don’t Trust…Verify.” The 45-minute film, directed by Elodie Jallet and Ricardo Martinez, provides an insightful exploration of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador, featuring industry experts such as Renato Salazar, New Story Charity and showcasing the transformative impact on the country.

A special moment unfolded on stage, where more than hundreds of attendees pledged their support for the Freedom Manifesto, manifesting their commitment to financial freedom and freedom of speech. In addition to the premiere, a talk on manifesting freedom captivated the audience, reinforcing the ideals of the manifesto.

Notably, the event witnessed the unveiling of an updated list of manifesto signatories. The manifesto, a symbol of collective commitment, was also auctioned during the Bitcoin Beach Festival to raise funds for education and Bitcoin adoption in El Zonte, supporting the Hope House initiative.

Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex, emphasised the company’s unwavering dedication to freedom: “Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and peer-to-peer technologies are not just tools; they are instruments for universal liberation. We are proud to stand alongside our distinguished signatories and to release our documentary, shedding light on Bitcoin’s pivotal role in shaping the future of finance.”

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