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25 Creative Pinterest Board Ideas for Beginners

When it comes to market your business on Pinterest, there are two major things that come to mind all of a sudden i.e. Pins and boards.  Just in case if you are a marketer trying to grow your Audience, you need to find certain Pinterest board ideas that can help you out in the best possible way.

The most important thing that should be kept in mind when you are on Pinterest is to be pretty strategic about what you pin and also the type of boards you create. To put it more simply, you should stop pinning content that you personally like and opt for content your target market will appreciate.

Why Creative Pinterest Ideas Are Such a Big Deal?

Pinterest Board Ideas

While keeping in view the fact that Pinterest is now one of the three biggest social networks in the US, making the most of Pinterest can be one of the wisest decisions that you can make.

Besides, Pinterest can also be a brilliant way to advertise your products as well as services with more than 50% of people say Pinterest guides them to make buying decisions and 1 in 2 people opt to purchase after finding it promoted on their Pinterest feed.

While keeping the aforementioned facts in view, it can be the wisest decision to make to work on your Pinterest marketing strategy and reap the benefits as a result.

Here are the Best Pinterest Board Ideas:

The best way to draw a large audience is to include a variety of boards on your Pinterest account. That is why; it is preferable to ensure that each board you successfully create includes pins that are related to your target market while matching the aesthetic of your brand at the same time.

Let’s have a look at the list of Pinterest board ideas that can make things more amazing for you and help you in flourishing your brand by leaps and bounds.

1. Food and Drink

Food and Drink Pinterest Profiles

It is undoubtedly the most renowned category on Pinterest. Having boards grouped by various cooking capabilities enables followers to navigate through recipes. Moreover, boards that don’t fall under your own recipes, let’s say, handy recipes attract a comparatively huge audience as folks looking for help as well as ideas will come to your page without any direct search.

2. Home Decor

Home Decor Pinterest Profiles

When it comes to home decor, you should make sure to avoid pinning articles about organization and instead focus on aspirational interiors. Keep in mind; Pinners want to see something really interesting. Make sure that you know what a ‘dream home’ would apparently look like for your target market. It is worth mentioning that nobody needs to pin images of what their home exactly looks like. They’re on Pinterest to get away with their reality.

3. DIY/Craft

DIY Pinterest Profiles

Just in case if you’re into crafting, or your target market comprises mostly of parents and children, A DIY board that comprises fun crafts for parents to do with their children would undoubtedly be an amazing stuff for engagement.

In addition, you should also think about projects that aren’t too hard. You could go for boards that are categorised by difficulty level or how long a thing would take to craft.

4. Fashion

Fashion Pinterest Profiles

Keep in mind that this can be a tricky category although comparatively easy to pin style content that you are fond of. It is worth mentioning that you should put your target market first.

You should also make research about blogs and fashion magazines your target audience reads and ensure to follow those brands on Pinterest. Try to Pin directly from the style boards the types of blogs and magazines that have already been created.

5. Health

Health Pins on Pinterest

The tricky thing about this category is that you can turn to the same blogs as well as magazines you opted to create your Fashion board. What variety of articles do those blogs and magazines publish when it comes to the health category?

Keep in mind that your target market might be more appealing to a board full with marathon training OR they might easily find daily meditations as well as gentle stretching more appealing. However, it should be kept in mind to do full research first.


Qoutes Pins on Pinterest

Make sure that you add a mix of funny as well as inspirational quotes to be pinned several times. Besides, you can also keep your quotes on brand to a frequent color palette and style. It also varies as to whether memes might fit your brand or not, but they might not. Make sure that you only pin content that gives a fair idea about your brand’s personality.

7. Design

Design Pins on Pinterest

The best thing about this category is that it could easily cover everything ranging from cars to architecture. Ensure that there is a visual theme all across your pins. To put it into more simple words, all of your pins in this category must look like they belong in the same magazine.

8. Photography

Photography pins on Pinterest

This enticingly board category is a catch-all for breath-taking imagery. Try to think about beautiful destinations to travel, scenic beaches, and photos of your pets to name a few. Keep in mind that your target market may never have travelled to Switzerland, but they may dream about it.

9. Travel

Travel Pinterest

From the stunning landscapes in Switzerland to the stunning skyscrapers of Chicago, make sure that you create a fantabulous collection of awe-inspiring locations to inspire serious wanderlust!

Your followers are into locations that might one day be the places they will travel to. Make sure that you’re choosing the most ideal places to showcase! Besides, yet another idea is to subdivide pins by countries or continents.

10. Fitness

Fintess PIns on Pinterest

Just in case if you are a fitness influencer, make sure that you categorise your pins to make it as convenient as possible for followers to easily navigate through.

Make sure that you also keep workout pins in subdivisions such as ‘legs’, ‘abs’ and ‘cardio’. The best part is that all these are convenient to understand and even if followers are someone new into fitness, it will be convenient to get started.

11. Crafts

Craft Pinterest Profiles

One of the best Pinterest board ideas will be to craft brand products from brands you easily use a lot. These could be any affiliate products, or just easy things you adore to use.

Besides, you should also craft room inspiration just like home offices as we all adore seeing exceptional craft rooms. You should also craft supply storage as most crafters will have so many supplies and are always on a look out for ways to store them, plus it can be a brilliant affiliate product area. 

12. Business

Business Pinterest Profiles

The best option could be motivational or inspirational quotes for this category. Moreover, productivity topics such as working from home and also being your own boss as well as time management can be the best idea for business.

Besides, some office inspiration as you won’t have to drool over gorgeous home offices. Moreover, the best tools for your niche can also be a fascinating way to promote affiliate products as well as reviews on your blog.

13. Seasonal Themed Boards

Seasonal Pinterest Profiles

Seasonal Themed Pins are also the best Pinterest board ideas for any business that has a seasonal feature associated with their content.

Although, any content can have a seasonal tilt but if you frequently have seasonal content, then boards depending on it would be great for your account.

14. Boards with Products that are Similar to Yours

Products Pinterest

This will enhance your chances of being easily noticed by your target market. Just in case if you are making perfume, you should definitely have a Beauty board. Besides, if you make products with enticing patterns, you should have a board that is filled with patterns.

15. Your Own Products

Make it convenient for a Pinterest user to easily find a board exclusive to your brand. Make sure that one board is all you need as you should be expanding your products throughout several of your existing boards.

16. Starting your Business

Pinterest Business Pins

Pinterest can be a brilliant place to go for when starting a business. That is why, you can go for a round-up of tutorials that can cover all your bases when you’re just initiating out (make sure to check out her other marketing boards as well.)

17. Recipes

Recipes Pinterest Products

This can be the most diverse board while having innumerable stuff of every enthusiast’s needs. With more and more of simple, delicious as well as click-worthy recipes, this can be something you should go for.

18. Home Details

Home Pinterests

A gorgeous collection of easy and feminine home details can enable users to find the ideal finishing touches for their living space.

19. Culture

Culture Pinterest

This can be a broad idea and can have several options such as up-to-date fashion, music, art and cinema. It should be attractive and must be a hot cake for followers if they are keen on spotting as well as keeping up with the up-to-the-minute trends.

20. Mind-fullness

Mindfulness Pinterest

A thought-provoking assortment of journal prompts, meditation how-to’s as well as tips on personal growth and self-reflection can be the best idea for as well.

21. Entertainment

Entertainment Pinterest.JPG

If your audience is looking for the eventual Pinterest board, they should look no further. They should find everything from recipes to party décor on this board. In addition, you should also offer a variety of information as well as inspiration.

22. Architecture

Architecture Pinterest

One of the popular boards with Architecture details and focusing on unique buildings as well as spaces can be the best idea. Besides, from sky roofs to the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, this board is truly a must-follow for every architectural guru that adore this category.

23. Wedding

Wedding Pinterest

Pinterest is popularly known for having some of the most amazing wedding inspiration as well as planning tips and that is why, it should be of no surprise that this board has more than 4 million followers. Just in case if your target audience is dreaming of the ideal wedding, you should offer them this opportunity.

24. Science and Technology

Technology Pinterest

A slick futuristic board with plenty of videos and images while giving insight into future tech trends can be the best idea too. Besides, it should also serve to deliver the news, and also watch functions like an iPod.

25. Books

Books Pinterest pins

Another utterly epic board featuring a great number of super old indie as well as vintage book covers. This would definitely be the best option if your target audience are bookworms.

Wrapping Up

The ideal way to draw a huge audience is to utterly include a huge variety of boards on your Pinterest account. Ensure that each board you create must have pins that are associated with your target market while also matching the aesthetic of your brand in the best way.






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