How to Create a Product Buying Guide for Your Store

How to Create a Product Buying Guide for Your Store

The best thing about E-commerce is that it easily enables you to attract customers from all around the world. However, owing to the minimal conditions required for initiating an online store, the market is extremely competitive, and it can be extremely difficult to get a clear edge over your competitors.

It is true beyond the shadow of doubt that offering product buying guides to enable shoppers who are truly overwhelmed with the clear options available can easily help attract them to your products.

What exactly is a Product Buying Guide for an E-Commerce Business?

As far as product buying guides are concerned, they are online articles that easily help to notify customers about any considerable considerations while shopping for a particular item.

These product guides can easily differentiate in functionality as well as size, needed maintenance, price, or any kind of various other features including styles or brands. Besides, they’re truly useful for ‘high-ticket’ items such as furniture or appliances.

Why Is a Product Buying Guide Such a Big Deal?

While keeping in view the fact that a buyer’s guide is a distinguished online article that can easily help customers make a buying choice, it can be extremely helpful for selling high-ticket items like appliances, furniture and certain others.

Let us take the example of Wayfair which is popularly known for establishing buyer’s guides for its products such as mattress buying guide.

If you want to buy a mattress online for the very first time, Wayfair’s buyer’s guide would definitely come to the rescue by letting it be known as when to buy a new mattress, how to select a mattress based on size and sleeper type, the different types of mattresses and also how to choose a foundation.

While the final result of a buying guide is to successfully make a sale from your buyer’s guide, many renowned brands have strategic calls to action throughout their product guides. The moment a buyer feels confident in their choice to go for a product, a CTA can easily bring them to the product page right away.

How to Create a Buying Guide for your Business?

The easiest thing about a product buying guide is that it can be established in the same way as you would create a new blog post right on your site and which can clearly mean that it is way easy to get started with, and offers a brilliant way to organize multiple guides. For example, you could easily establish a Product Buying Guide blog category where buyers can easily browse your resources.

Let’s have a look at the steps that will definitely help you establish guides with related content that’s really accessible to your site’s visitors. Besides, they will also help optimize your content as well as promote your brand to enhance visibility and sales.

1. Define your Audience & Know Who you are Writing for

While keeping in view the fact as to who will most likely read your buying guide prior to creating it can easily help you tailor your content to their demands as well as values.

For example, if you are well aware of the fact that your visitors value good deals as well as saving money, you’ll need to highlight differences in price between brands as well as styles in your guide.

Similarly, if you’re well aware of the fact as to how many of your potential clients can fall into a certain demographic; you’ll have to establish guides for products that are most likely to appeal to the group.

For example, if your customer base is highly urban, a product buying guide useful for hiking shoes would definitely generate much traffic.

The following sources can be of great help in this regard.

1. Surveys

Make sure that you encourage customers as well as non-customers to take a survey. Try to ask frequent questions about their demographics like age, family, occupation) and also about their interests along with values as well as pain points. The main goal should be to find out a buyer’s challenge and also what motivates them to make the buying decision. 

2. Social media.

Make sure that you scan social media networks and observe what conversations are going across around your product. It is worth mentioning that a quick search on TikTok or Instagram will definitely reveal innumerable data about several consumer products.

3. Digital Analytics

Just look at your online audience if you want to get more information about their interest. The best advice would be to scan Google Analytics while discovering user interest as well as behaviors on your website and comprehend as to what topics they are interested in. Besides, you can also tap into market research from Nielsen as well as Pew Research Center to successfully uncover trends within your product category.

2. Formatting is the Key for Fast and Easy Reading

It has been a common observation that the majority of the people who consume content across the internet do pretty much as compared to printed content. The majority will only scan online content, so it would be a great practice to avoid dense paragraphs with smallest section breaks as they aren’t going to hold attention.

Make sure that you choose to easily display your content as it could make a clear difference between a sale and a ‘bounce.’

Luckily, there are various best practices for writing any kind of online content you can follow. The real key is to make crucial information obvious to anyone coming across the page. Besides, bullet points, subheadings, and most importantly text emphasized with italics or bolding will obviously attract readers’ eyes.

Most importantly, make sure to include images and videos as they can also enhance online content.

3. Make the Most of SEO to Draw in New Customers

While keeping in view the fact that most customers make the most of search engines to look for new products, it would be a best practice to optimize your site for search engines.

Besides, you could also tap into a wide array of new customers. Just like blog posts, buying guides do offer a golden opportunity to easily help your site rank for various keywords and also draw new clients to your site.

Your product buying guide’s main title as well as URL, and also keywords will easily play crucial roles in your SEO’s achievement. These are some of the most crucial factors search engines make when ranking pages.

For WordPress sites such as plugins and the SEO Framework or Yoast SEO can easily help optimize these features. Besides, considering search intent, or the impacts a searcher wishes to see when they ask a search engine, is truly an exceptional strategy.

4. It’s All About Call-to-Action When it Comes to Sale

A brilliantly well-written CTA truly encourages visitors to take effective action. When it comes to e-commerce, CTAs have truly shown to enhance conversion rates as well as sales. By making it quick and easy to make useful purchases, a CTA link or button can easily provide the extra push especially needed to get a visitor to make your product and also become a customer.

Moreover, you can also include various links or buttons throughout your guide and simply add one obviously defined CTA at the bottom of your post to easily guide readers to a category page for any kind of product in your guide. Besides, it is also necessary as to how you style as it depends upon your choice, however make sure it’s convenient to find and its purpose is quite obvious.

Bottom Line

Product buying guides can stand your brand out from the crowd while giving you a clear edge in the e-commerce world. By enhancing your site’s visibility, establishing trust with customers, and also enabling swift and convenient purchases, buying guides can easily help you with flourishing your business by leaps and bounds.







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