– Meaning of xPub in SegWit wallet on and their legacy-type addresses


According to my understanding, an xPub of a Legacy sub-wallet should begin with xpub... and of a SegWit sub-wallet with zpub.... And the addresses begin with 1 and bc1 respectively.
But on (where I only have one wallet) for the SegWit sub-wallet I get an xPub beginning with xpub... instead of ypub.... And the addresses generated with this also begin with 1.

When exporting the xPub from Electrum native-SegWit sub-wallet with the same xPrv, I get an xPub beginning with zpub..., as expected.

Is there a purpose on providing the xPub for a SegWit sub-wallet instead of the zPub? Addresses created with the xPub don’t show up neither on nor in Electrum.

After being curious about this, I used both xPubs on xpub explorer (…) and found all transactions on the corresponding addresses. As expected, older ones on Legacy addresses, newer ones on SegWit addresses.

And to my surprise, with the xPub of the SegWit sub-wallet I also found an address with balance on it within the addresses beginning with 1. This address doesn’t show up neither on nor in Electrum(Legacy & native-SegWig). But it is also found with this tool ( with index m/0/2.

In addition to my first question, how is it possible to get access to this address?


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