How to Block YouTube on your Chrome

Here is How to Block YouTube on your Chrome?

It can be a hell of a task to ensure that your kids surf the Internet in a risk-free area and that is why a need is always felt to know about how to block websites on Chromebooks. Besides, while keeping in view the fact that every kind of content can clearly make its way right onto your Chrome OS’s screen, it’s the best practice to block this colossal video-sharing platform right from the outset.

The question arises at this point is how to block YouTube on chromebook. That is where this article comes into play as we have got you covered when it comes to blocking YouTube on Chromebook. There are plenty of ways to block YouTube however, the aim must be to keep your kids safe from any kind of hazardous content at the end of the day.

In addition, you should block YouTube to ensure that your kids aren’t abstracted by videos when they’re studying. That is why, you should work out different ways to block YouTube on your Chromebook.

Let’s have a look at how to restrict your Chromebook from accessing YouTube and also some other helpful information to help you out with a safekeeping journey.

How to Block YouTube on Chromebook with a Chrome Web Store Extension?

Probably the best way you can easily block YouTube on your Chromebook is through using a hard-and-fast Chrome extension right from the Web Store. For that, you will need something that easily blocks websites as there are no in-built options. As far as the extensions are concerned, there are a few that are available however, we have to choose the best of the lot.

Why is BlockSite the Best Option?

For many, BlockSite is undoubtedly the go-to site blocking software that isn’t without a great reason as it has as many one million plus users and also a hefty amount of positive feedback.

Let’s take a brief look at some of its noteworthy features.

1. Scheduling Functionality

One of the very best features of BlockSite is its wondrous “Scheduling” which allows you to thoroughly work according to a time-table. Besides, this newly-prepped routine will definitely comprise of times where you’ll have to work and also focus on productivity as well as times where you’ll obtain access to the websites that suit you the best. Moreover, not only will this easily help you sort your day-to-day habits straight, but also it won’t wear you out while doing so.

2. Work Mode

One of another best features of BlockSite is its highly distinct “Work Mode” that can conveniently set the motion for fecundity just like no other. It awesomely works on the standard of the renowned “Pomodoro Technique” that can easily help you in specifying your work into certain time intervals. As far as the intervals are concerned, they are customarily 25 minutes in length and associate to a small break right after. The best part is that you can easily step off your computer or browse freely instead during this break.

3. Insight System

As far as maintaining privacy standards is concerned, BlockSite thoroughly monitors your browsing activity while offering you detailed insights as well. This obviously goes for the amount of time that you opt to spend on different websites, what category of sites you mostly visit and even more. This will definitely help you out with evaluating your browsing trends and also enhance them if need be.

4. Anti-Distraction Interface

 BlockSite has its usability focused entirely on productivity. The extension comprises numerous helpful pointers that ensure you stay concentrated on your path. If you’ve got something that you think is distracting you consistently day in day out, this site-blocker will restrict you from gaining access to it with ingrained password protection.

How to Install BlockSite?

BlockSite can be easily downloaded while making the most of the Chrome Web Store as it is free and easy-to-use.

  1. First off, you will need to go directly to the main installation page and once you are there, click on “Add to Chrome.”
  2. This is followed by a pop-up window asking you for last confirmation prior to the extension getting added to your Chrome browser. Just click on “Add extension” to carry on.
  3. The download will automatically begin for a moment. The moment you’ve prompted that BlockSite has been installed, this is followed by clicking on the extension icon to launch it.

Blocking YouTube with BlockSite

After the aforementioned procedure, the rest of the process is pretty simple and uncomplicated. Now, you just have to move to YouTube and just click on the BlockSite extension icon. Once you do that, you must see an option to block YouTube. All you have to do is click on “Block this site” to pursue.

Once this is done easily, a new page pops up loading up and it’s done.

The best part is that with a free BlockSite account, you can easily block as many 6 websites at a time. Moreover, there are also purchasable plans that the application offers that you can easily check out.

There is also one more way you can make use of BlockSite to block websites and this is done by actual interface. Once you launch BlockSite make the most of using the extension icon in your browser where you can enter the website.

As you can understand, there’s a search bar just in front that needs a website’s URL. Once you type in the address of the website you wish to restrict access to and then press the “Enter” key, that specific website is blocked. You can easily put YouTube on the blacklist through its URL.

That’s all that you need to know about the functioning of BlockSite. Just in case if you’ve got many other websites to block, think about upgrading to their premium plans and if it is not the case, the free version will then be the best option for you.

Now that we have the straightforward method out of the way, let’s move on to other ways you can prevent someone from gaining access to YouTube on your Chromebook.

How to block YouTube on Chromebook without extension?

In the past, Chrome had supervised user accounts where you could easily track what another user would be browsing on the internet; however, Google removed this feature back in 2018. However, you can still block YouTube on chrome without any extensions by just using ‘safe search.’ It is worth mentioning here that though this Safe search will definitely just restrict access to some of the websites but you have to keep this in mind as to whether this feature has the ability to block the websites by URL.

  1. First off, you need to open the ChromeBook.
  2. Select Settings in the bottom right.
  3. Now Choose ‘Search settings.’
  4. You should check the box that simply says, ‘Turn on SafeSearch’

How to Block YouTube on school ChromeBook

Google has ingeniously come up with the Family link app that proudly offers parental control. All you need to do is just to set up a Google account and then get the ‘Family link app.’

  1. Try to get the Family link App in the first place.
  2. You simply have to click on ‘+‘ symbol for easily creating an account and then link your child’s account right in the family link app.

Your child will now make the most of the account you established for him/her. You can just manually restrict certain sites including YouTube for your child.

How to Disable Guest Browsing?

Once you have easily managed to get BlockSite, and you have also even blocked YouTube on your device. However, you should also keep this in mind that all that is affiliated with your Google account and therefore wouldn’t influence the option to easily browse as a guest. Making the most of the guest mode won’t stop you from blocking any website as it is purely meant for restriction-less Internet surfing. All you have to do is to disable the guest mode altogether and that is why, there’s zero prospect when it comes to accessing unwanted websites.

Let’s have a look at how to disable guest browsing.

  1. You can start this by just opening your device’s “Settings.” Once it is done, you just need to click on “People” in the left column.
  2. This is followed by clicking on “Manage other people.”
  3. As a new page pops up, you will come across the option to disable guest browsing right in front of you. This is followed by clicking on the toggle and then finalizing the process.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for ways to block YouTube from your Chromebook, you should opt for BlockSite that has been explained above and is obviously more than qualified to have you covered. Apart from that, you should also look for guest browsing as it can permit viewership of all sorts.






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