Beeper to release iMessage fix this week, but you’ll need a Mac


What you need to know

  • Beeper says that it has been using Mac registration data for iMessage activation on Android phones, but this method was easy for Apple to spot.
  • Now, it will ask users to use their own Mac’s registration data with Beeper Cloud and Mini so the Android clients are harder to spot.
  • Users can share their Mac’s registration data with about 10-20 other users, who won’t see any of their messages, according to Beeper. 

Beeper, the company fighting for its Android client for iMessage, has a fix that will be released tomorrow for Beeper Cloud and Beeper Mini. There’s just one catch: it requires you to own, or at least have access to, a Mac.

That puts Beeper right where it started, in the same cohort with all the other iMessage clients for Android that need a Mac in order to work. While Beeper’s solution is a bit different — for one, it says that Macs do not have access to user accounts or messages — this iteration of Beeper Mini is far from the simple and easy solution that was originally offered.


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