ASUS ROG Phone 8 Pro review: The gaming phone is all grown up


ASUS followed a similar pattern with its gaming phones over the last six years: roll out a device with aggressive styling, the latest internal hardware, massive battery, and unique gaming extras along with an exhaustive accessory ecosystem. Last year’s ROG Phone 7 Ultimate in particular was outstanding, delivering all the features you could ever ask for in a gaming phone.

For 2024, ASUS is taking a different strategy — instead of making a phone just for gamers, the brand is rolling out a device that can do so much more, while still being the best at gaming. It is an ambitious undertaking, and after using the ROG Phone 8 Pro as my daily driver for just over three weeks, I can safely say that ASUS managed to pull it off; the device is a terrific all-rounder that goes above and beyond a traditional gaming phone.


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