Android 15 might include an easy mode for users who find tech tricky


What you need to know

  • Google might be considering introducing an “easy pre-set mode” in Android 15 to make smartphones more accessible for non-tech-savvy users and those with vision issues.
  • The new mode will apparently adjust elements like icon size, text size, and navigation for enhanced user-friendliness.
  • The feature was spotted in the first beta of Android 14 QPR3, but it may not be publicly available until Android 15, potentially skipping the June release.

Google might introduce a new “easy pre-set mode” in Android 15 that makes smartphones user-friendly for non-techies or those with vision issues.

Mishaal Rahman, writing for Android Authority, uncovered some initial details about the new mode. The Android sleuth got a sneak peek at the setup page and found strings that reveal how it differs from the regular Android interface.


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