Amid Bard rebrand, Google is bringing Gemini to Canada… finally, eh?


What you need to know

  • Google is bringing its Gemini conversational AI tool (formerly Bard) to Canada after a year-long wait.
  • With Gemini, Google is also launching Gemini Advanced, which will be able to perform highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, etc.
  • Gemini will only be available via the web in Canada, but a Gemini app is in the works.

The Gemini era has finally taken effect in Canada. Google Bard, now being rebranded as Gemini, is available to users across the country as of Thursday, February 8. According to an announcement by Google, Gemini will be available in both English and Quebecois French, along with 40 other languages worldwide, via the Gemini website.

“With Gemini, users can collaborate with AI to prepare for job interviews, debug code for the first time, or brainstorm new business ideas. You can use features like double-check, Extensions, and image generation,” said Jack Krawczyk, product lead of Gemini Experiences.

Gemini in Canada

(Image credit: Google)

Gemini launched almost a year ago in the U.S. and has since expanded to other countries, but Google has taken a significant amount of time to bring it to Canada. 


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