How to Add a Clickable Link to your TikTok bio

How to Add a Clickable Link to Your TikTok Bio?

TikTok is truly an amazing platform for brands and creators alike as it can easily create huge opportunities to direct traffic to your website with the help of simple links in bio. Unlike the previous days when it used to be a limited feature, everyone having a Business account can now easily add a link to their TikTok bio.

Regardless of the fact as to whether you are a newbie or already have a following, it can be pretty simple to create a business account on TikTok. Keep in mind that a business profile may be the only way that can allow you to easily place a hyperlink within your profile page so viewers can access your website without any hassle.

The best part is that this awe-inspiring video-sharing platform is compatible with both iOS as well as Android, and even more amazing is the fact that steps for making a business account and adding a link to your bio do not vary for each device.

It goes without saying that linking your bio for TikTok can turn your TikTok feed into a more clickable and mobile-optimized landing page while allowing you to attract a particular link to your every scheduled video.

What Does Adding a Link to your Profile Mean for TikTok?

Adding a website link to a TikTok bio will definitely make more brands create TikToks and initiate publishing viral content there. Previously, it was harder for a publisher to drive traffic to their own website, as TikTok only allowed Instagram and YouTube links.

Besides, TikTok attribution will be more convenient as making the platform will then be more friendly to influencers as well as celebrities. It stands true without any shadow of doubt that it’s pretty much difficult for even the most renowned TikTok creators to establish that their content has an influence on people’s behavior if they haven’t got any website.

Besides, the most important thing is that the URLs will take folks out of the app to certain other sites such as Venmo, Snap, or email. This clearly means that you can easily drive traffic to your website, enhance email newsletter or direct sign-ups, or press on out a certain product launch.

Titkok Personal Account to Business Account Settings

Here is How to Add a Clickable Link to Your TikTok Bio?

While keeping in view the fact that TikTok only gives you one URL in your bio, it’s really crucial to optimize it as much as you can. 

Just like on Instagram, TikTok also enables users to include a bolded clickable link directly to their bio. It is pretty simple to easily add a link to your bio, however all you have to do is successfully create or switch over to a Business account.

The very first step involved in this process is to switch to a TikTok Business account and this can be easily done by visiting your account settings, choosing “Manage account” option and then “Switch to Business Account.”

The second step is to tap “Edit profile” followed by entering a link into the website field.

And that’s the simple way you can add a clickable link in your TikTok bio!

It is also worth mentioning that you can now thoroughly plan your TikTok posting strategy with your other social channels in Later. The best part is that you’ll get a notification with your video and caption as the time to post comes.

Link in Tiktok Bio

Optimizing for TikTok by Later 

The TikTok link in bio is of great benefit for brands and businesses on TikTok. However, you should keep in mind that having a single link may limit your opportunities.

That is where the concept of for TikTok tool comes into play. This tool will definitely update each time you schedule a new video to be posted on TikTok and save yourself time as well as effort involved in manually updating links. 

Here is how to really start using on your TikTok.

  1. First of all, you need to connect your TikTok account to Later. This can be easily done by signing up (or login) to Later on your desktop. This is followed by tapping “Add Social Profile”. Choose TikTok and connect your account.
  2. The second step is setting up your for TikTok. On the Later web app, opt to press “” on the left hand navigation screen. This is followed by choosing TikTok from the drop down menu and tapping “Get Started”.
  3. For adding your to your TikTok profile, you have to copy your distinguished link to your clipboard and then open up TikTok on mobile. Just tap “Edit profile” and make sure that you paste the link in the website field. It is also worth mentioning here that only TikTok Business accounts have easy access to the website field.
  4. The next step is to upload your TikTok video to the Media Library. This is followed by dragging and dropping your video from your Media Library right to the Calendar.
  5. You can now add in your caption as well as hashtags. You can also click “Edit” for resizing and cropping your video to ideally fit TikTok’s mentioned video dimensions.
  6. This is followed by adding the URL you’d like your post to link to in the field.
  7. Once your scheduled video is ready to go live, you will get a notification on your phone as the video automatically downloads to your device while the caption is easily saved to your clipboard.
  8. Prior to sharing, you can easily add any extra edits and effects in the TikTok editor. Once published, your feed will exhibit your new video with a brand new clickable link. 

Keep in mind that TikTok hashtags are a major growth hack. To make sure that you are always including hashtags, go for Later’s Saved Captions tool and save them in one convenient to find place.







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